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Benefit from our extensive experience in the field: Since our launch over a decade ago, countless private schools, public schools, international schools, and language centers from across the world have advertised hundreds of teaching jobs via our site. We provide a virtual job market platform to benefit both teachers and schools. Visit our free TEFL job board

Teaching Jobs in the Caribbean

Featured Location - Martinique: We have noticed a steadily increasing demand for TEFL instructors in Martinique and the island is ready to welcome visitors and foreign workers alike. While the monthly pay for ESL teachers is not very high, the benefits of living in this island paradise stand out on their own - Martinique is truly "a little bit of France in the Caribbean Islands." It exudes a distinctly French feeling, in the excellence of its Caribbean cuisine, the beauty of its language. Learn more

Teaching Jobs in South America

Featured Location - Costa Rica: A land of beautiful beaches and a laidback lifestyle, Costa Rica is one of the most popular Latin American destinations for TEFL teachers. The level of demand for native speakers in Costa Rica is reasonably high. TEFL salaries are relatively low but more than cover the low cost of living. As in most Latin American countries the students are lively and sociable and therefore a pleasure to teach. Costa Rica has a mixed reputation when it comes to crime so make sure you do your research on how to stay safe. Learn more

Teaching Jobs in Asia

Featured Location - Vietnam: Vietnam is one of the best places in Asia for teaching English. An interesting culture, stunning natural scenery and huge demand for English tuition make it one of the most popular destinations. Most jobs are in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and it is worth reading up on the different characteristics of the two cities in order to be able to focus on vacancies in your preferred location. Salaries are perhaps the best in the Mekong region and there is a lively expat scene in both main cities. Learn more

Teaching Jobs in the Middle East

Featured Location - Qatar: Teaching English can be very lucrative in Qatar, whether at a language centre, university or with the British Council. Experience is essential and many employers require at least two years. As with all Gulf States, the Muslim way of life is not particularly compatible with other belief systems so many Westerners will require some time to adjust to what can be a stifling and rigid cultural environment. Besides the generous tax-free salaries, the other positive points include the excellent cuisine and the desert and coastline. Learn more

Teaching Jobs in Europe

Featured Location - The Czech Republic: The capital city of Prague is famous as one of the most popular TEFL destinations in the world. This is good and bad. Good because there are lots of opportunities and plenty of other teachers to socialise with. Bad because the competition keeps starting salaries rather low, especially in view of accommodation costs. It remains an excellent choice for first-timers, and those with considerable experience can earn a good salary. Learn more